Marija Bogic, PhD

She, her, and hers

Senior Social Scientist

Dr. Marija Bogic (pronounced “Muh-REE-yuh Boh-gitch”), is a Senior Social Scientist at IREACH. She has a PhD in Social and Community Psychiatry from Queen Mary University of London (Thesis: “Mental disorders in long-settled war refugees: a study conducted in former Yugoslavian refugees resettled in Germany, Italy and the United Kingdom”) and a BSc with honors in Applied Psychology from London Metropolitan University (Thesis: “Recall of symbolic and functional appeals in advertising: Individual and cultural differences”). Dr. Bogic manages two multi-site randomized control trials, funded by the National Institute of Mental Health, that focus on suicide prevention in American Indian and Alaska Native communities – SUNDANCE and Caring Contacts. Additionally, she contributes to Natives Engaged in Alzheimer’s Research, a National Institute on Aging-funded center grant that seeks to understand, intervene on, and mitigate Alzheimer’s disease and related dementia health disparities experienced by American Indian, Alaska Native, Native Hawaiian, and Pacific Islander people. Her research is focused on serving and collaborating with underserved communities to meet their mental health needs. She is particularly interested in understanding how traumatic events, including historical trauma and systemic oppression, have impacted individuals in these communities and how social connectedness, cultural resilience, and other protective factors can help buffer the effects of these traumas and promote healing. Furthermore, Dr. Bogic is passionate about developing strength-based, culturally responsive interventions to address mental health needs and foster community-driven initiatives that are informed by community members and prioritize their needs and strengths. She is committed to improving the lives of underserved communities and am passionate about building relationships and understanding the social, cultural, and historical contexts of the communities she works with. In her spare time, Dr. Bogic enjoys traveling, photography, hiking, cooking, and hanging out with her family and friends. She was born in Jajce, Bosnia and Herzegovina and has spent most of her life in London, UK.

Marija Bogic



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