Traditional Native American wood carving



The Administrative Core coordinates, integrates, and monitors activities across all Native-CHART components. It implements key strategic decisions, facilitates data sharing plans, and oversees our research regulation process. It collaborates with other members of the Native-CHART team on program planning, review, and evaluation to ensure our overall success. The Administrative Core also convenes the Native-CHART Steering Committee, Working Group, Data Safety and Monitoring Board, and Community Action Board.

The Methodology Core applies state-of-the-art research strategies to reduce blood pressure and cardiovascular disease among members of our study populations. It works with investigators on each Native-CHART research study to develop policies and procedures, design questionnaires and data collection activities, manage data, and conduct statistical analyses. It applies both qualitative and quantitative methods to enhance the cultural relevance and public health impact of our research.

The Consortium Core works to expand our network of community collaborators and address the priorities of Native-CHART partners regarding hypertension and cardiovascular disease. This Core includes seven Satellite Centers located throughout the United States. The Satellite Centers work with local communities and organizations to facilitate the exchange of ideas at annual conferences and to promote effective interventions at the local, regional, and national level. These Centers also conduct annual assessments of health and healthcare access to determine relevant local, regional, and national priorities. The Consortium Core collaborates with community and governance agencies to implement or strengthen regulations and policies that foster research partnerships between underserved minority communities and academic institutions.

The Dissemination Core communicates the results of Native-CHART research studies to healthcare providers, government agencies, and American Indian, Alaska Native, Native Hawaiian, and other Pacific Islander organizations, patients, and communities. This Core is committed to using culturally appropriate methods and materials for all communications. Its primary goal is to encourage and facilitate new collaborations between researchers and members of our study communities. A critical secondary goal is to publicize activities and opportunities sponsored by Native-CHART and other agencies that relate to our overall aim of alleviating the impact of hypertension on minority populations. The Dissemination Core ensures that Native-CHART findings are conveyed through channels that will reach community members as well as academics, healthcare professionals, and policy makers.