IREACH post-doctoral fellow Dr. Cassandra Nikolaus awarded KL2 career development grant

By Susan McLaughlin, IREACH

Dr. Cassandra Nikolaus has been awarded a KL2 Scholar in the Multidisciplinary Clinical Research Career Development Program at the University of Washington’s Institute of Translational Health Sciences (ITHS). Dr. Nikolaus’s research project is titled, “Characterizing the ‘real-world’ implementation of food security screening in healthcare settings.”

During the current economic downturn, food insecurity has intensified, with an estimated 54 million households now suffering from insufficient access to nutritious food. The consequences are far-reaching and include chronic disease development, poor disease self-management, diminished mental health, greater health care costs, and death. Understanding barriers to food insecurity screening to ensure that screening guidelines are implemented and food insecure patients are referred to assistance programs is of critical public health importance. We congratulate Dr. Nikolaus on advancing her research!

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