Native-Controlling Hypertension and Risk through Technology RP2: Blood Pressure-Improving Control among Alaska Native People (Native-CHART RP2 / BP-ICAN)

Status: Current

Grant Start: 08/01/2016

Grant End: 02/28/2022

With the Southcentral Foundation, we have designed a multilevel prevention trial – “Blood Pressure: Improving Control among Alaska Native People” (BP-ICAN) – that targets BP control among Alaska Native people diagnosed with hypertension. Southcentral Foundation uses a pre-paid, patient-centered model to provide healthcare services in Anchorage and 55 remote villages for 65,000 patients. Village residents have not participated in any past research. Using a group-randomized design, we will randomly assign 58 Southcentral Foundation providers to the BP-ICAN intervention or control (usual practice) condition. We will query electronic health records and sample ~10 patients per provider (total n = 500) who have a systolic BP ≥ 140 mmHg at two or more visits in the prior 18 months. Participants will receive equipment and training for home BP measurements to self-manage hypertension. Home BP measurements predicts cardiovascular disease morbidity, mortality, and target organ damage better than BP readings obtained in clinics. Participant training will emphasize self-efficacy. BP-ICAN also targets therapeutic inertia – failure to modify therapy in response to uncontrolled BP – by facilitating patient-initiated communications about out-of-range home BP measurement readings. BP-ICAN is Research Project 2 (RP2) of Native-Controlling Hypertension and Risk through Technology (Native-CHART).


  • Southcentral Foundation

Funding Sponsors

  • Federal - National Institutes of Health
  • National Institute on Minority Health and Health Disparities

Study Locations

  • Alaska

Study Type

  • Group randomized trial

Study Characteristics

  • Ages 18 plus