Māpuana de Silva

Kumu Hula

Māpuana de Silva founded the esteemed cultural education center, Hālau Mōhala ‘Ilima in 1976. The Hālau located in Ka‘ōhao, O‘ahu has trained thousands of dancers from ages four to 80 years old.  As an education center it is renowned for its a excellence in classical hula training, traditional language arts expertise, and is widely admired for its award-winning dance performances. Kumu Hula Māpuana was trained by revered Kumu Hula Maiki Aiu Lake of Hālau Hula o Maiki and was bestowed title and privileges of Kumu Hula in 1975 during the formal ‘ūniki (completion) ceremony of dancers in the hālau’s ‘Ilima class. Kumu Hula Māpuana has collaborated with UH-JABSOM on hula and health research studies since 2008. She has served as investigator, cultural consultant, Master trainer, kumu hula, and Advisory Committee member on more than a dozen different hula and health studies.

Mapuana de Silva