Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on the Well-being of Rural and American Indian Cancer Patients in Washington State

Status: Current

Grant Start: 01/01/2021

Grant End: 12/31/2022

Rural and American Indian communities experience serious health disparities. Among the most disturbing is a greater incidence of cancer, often associated with modifiable risk factors. We will conduct a cross-sectional study to examine the impacts of COVID-19 on selected measures of health, health care, personal, socio-cultural, and economic outcomes among cancer patients from 15 rural and American Indian-serving clinics. This study will help understand the intersectionality of COVID-19 with cancer and how it impacts health care access, patient care, and patient well-being.


  • Ferry County Memorial Hospital
  • Palouse Medical Center
  • Jefferson Healthcare
  • Lincoln Hospital/Davenport Clinic

Funding Sponsors

  • Empire Health

Communities Involved

  • Tribal communities
  • Rural communities

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Heath Research Initiatives

  • American Indian and Alaska Native