Julie Miller, MLIS


Business Office Manager

Julie Miller is the Business Office Manager for IREACH. She has a Master of Library and Information Science from University of Washington and over 20 years of administrative professional experience. Connecting with people is her favorite part of her work. She loves getting to support folks doing good work in the world. It makes what she does feel meaningful. Julie has been a yoga and mindfulness teacher since 2010 and continues to teach as well as deepen her studies. Currently, she is in a 2-year Ayurveda training program (this is a holistic health training that complements yoga and focuses on seasonal practices). In the past, she apprenticed with a local herbalist, and she still enjoys working with the plants as her teachers. Julie also love the arts, especially theater, and has been a volunteer with ACT Theatre and Seattle Repertory Theatre since 2004.

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    Business Office Manager
Julie Miller