IREACH scientist Dr. Anna Zamora-Kapoor featured on podcast about effects of COVID-19 on women

Published 12/11/2020

by Susan McLaughlin

Dr. Anna Zamora-Kapoor shares her expertise on women and health in a podcast about women’s invisible labor, as part of the WSU podcast series, Cougarosities. Joined by WSU sociologist Dr. Julie Kmec, Zamora-Kapoor discusses the impact of COVID-19 on women, who make up the majority of essential workers, ranging from grocery store clerks to health care professionals. Not only have these women continued to report to work throughout the pandemic, they also take on the majority of caregiving roles—child care, teaching from home, elder care, and more. Together, Dr. Zamora-Kapoor and Dr. Kmec tackle key questions of social policy, work-life balance, and race relations. Watch the podcast here, and learn more about the Cougarosities series here.

Dr. Zamora-Kapoor is an Assistant Professor at WSU with a joint appointment in the Department of Medical Education and Clinical Sciences and the Department of Sociology. She also serves as the Community Liaison for the WSU Health Equity Research Center.