Join us on February 19th, 12 – 1pm PST for our next webinar in the NCARE Series.

Although American Indian and Alaska Native (AI/AN) communities have some of the highest alcohol abstinence prevalence rates compared to the general U.S. population, alcohol-related health inequities disproportionately impact AI/AN communities. Despite the need for evidence-based treatment options, little is known about effective alcohol treatments for AI/AN people. In this webinar we will discuss contingency management as a treatment for alcohol use disorders. Contingency management (CM) is an intervention in which tangible reinforcers (rewards) are provided when a patient demonstrates abstinence assessed by urine drug tests. Two projects evaluating CM as a tool for intervening in alcohol use disorders among AI/AN people are currently ongoing. The CM intervention has been implemented in alignment with existing cultural and community practices and with Elders and community leaders as champions of the intervention. The CM intervention provides rewards that are culturally tailored, specific and practical.

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