American Indians have disproportionality high rates of cerebrovascular disease, which affects cognition, attention, memory, and other aspects of brain function. Interactive Metronome (IM) therapy is a computer- based system that uses a steady beat to recondition an elder’s brain. It addresses aspects of brain function that are impaired by cerebrovascular disease. Elders do simple motor tasks in time to the beat-such as clapping or toe tapping- and receive instand feedback on how well they match the beat.

We aim to:

  1. Determine whether IM improves cognitive functioning in American Indian Elders
  2. Estimate the effect of IM exercises on health-related quality of life in Elders.
    IM is a promising method for delivering culturally appropriate therapy for American Indian Elders. If successful, it can help to reduce disparities in cerebrovascular disease and cognitive function.

Funding Agency: National Institute on Aging
Project Name: Rhythm and Timing Exercises for Cerebrovascular Disease in American Indians (R01AG049084)
Project Years: 2015-2019
Partners: University of New Mexico
Principal Investigators: Steven Verney, PhD., Lonnie Nelson, PhD.