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Who We Are

  • We are inspired to partner with communities to revolutionize the way that addictions and behavioral health problems are prevented and treated. Our goal is to use innovative, positive, and strength based approaches to support recovery. We are especially passionate about partnering with under-resourced and underserved communities to develop, test, and implement new interventions in real world settings.
  • Our goals are to move beyond testing if specific treatments work , but instead determine which treatment works for who and how we can match people to the right intervention.
  • We also are focused on using smartphones and other technologies to reach people with substance use and mental health problems, so they can receive interventions in their communities. We think this is particularly important as most people with these problems never attend standard face-to-face treatment or support groups.
  • We are also excited to expand our work in youth, specifically around how cannabis impacts the health and functioning of youth, as well as how we can improve outcomes of youth experiencing psychosis and other serious mental health problems.
  • We also want to expand our partnerships with underserved communities, such as American Indians and Alaska Natives, and in particular determine how to tailor interventions for specific individuals and communities.