Haeyoon Chang is an epidemiologist with an MPH from Yale School of Public Health and a BSc from University of Wisconsin Madison. She is the Research Coordinator for the Strong Heart Stroke Study II (SHSSII) investigating social determinants of cardiovascular disease and its risk factors among 13 Native American tribes in Phoenix, Oklahoma, and South Dakota. She brings public health research skills from interning in rural Uganda, studying the region’s unique challenges of hypertension and diabetes care; serving as a peace corps volunteer from 2013 to 2015 in the Kingdom of Tonga in the South Pacific teaching English to primary students and promoting healthy behavior in response to the growing surge of non-communicable disease prevalence in the region; and working as a research assistant at the Chronic Wasting Disease lab in National Wildlife Health Center. As a Korean American from Syracuse, New York, Haeyoon follows college basketball, makes Seinfeld jokes, and loves to cook Korean food. She enjoys wandering around Seattle aimlessly pretending to be an ice cream connoisseur and being amazed with coffee around every corner!