Due date: February 1, 2013
The Institute of Translational Health Sciences (ITHS) is pleased to announce a funding opportunity for community, tribal, and WPRN practice partners.
Community Partners in Research Pilot Project Grant
Get more info at: https://www.iths.org/funding/community-partners-research-funding-program
Up to three awards of $15K
Investigators with translational projects needing preliminary results for a full-scale grant application can submit a letter of intent (LOI) which includes: background, project goals, project significance, and expected outcomes. Researchers whose projects are selected will be invited to submit full applications.

Funding Priorities
We are seeking applications from:

  • Hispanic-serving organizations,
  • Tribes and American Indian or Alaska Native organizations,
  • WWAMI region Practice Based Research Network practices and affiliates, or
  • Researchers collaborating with one or more of the above-mentioned groups

Successful applicants will include both an academic investigator and an above-mentioned community based organization.

LOI due: 2/1/13 Selected projects contacted: week of 2/18/13 Full application due: 3/15/13 Funding starts (approx.): 6/1/13

What’s the process? Am I eligible to apply?
Click on the Eligibility tab on: https://www.iths.org/funding/community-partners-research-funding-program

Other questions?
Contact Brenda Hoskinson at blh2@uw.edu