This webinar took place on September 21, 2022, with Drs. Trevor Lane, Lisa Chase, and Gary Ferguson.

Food and nutrition play a crucial role in rural areas, as community health needs come together at the crossroads of both environmental and business ecosystems. Agritourism is a promising practice that can bring people to farms for education and entertainment while helping small communities sustain production and cultivate growth. In this webinar, our panel describes how agriculture and health intersect and create robust interdisciplinary opportunities for rural, tribal, and farming communities to thrive.

Trevor C Lane, EdD is an associate professor and state specialist in Community & Economic Development for Washington State University (WSU) Extension. Lisa Chase, PhD, MS is the Natural Resources Specialist for University of Vermont (UVM) Extension and the Director of the Vermont Tourism Research Center. Gary Ferguson, ND is a WSU faculty member and the Director of Outreach & Engagement at IREACH.

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