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Native-CHART Native-Controlling Hypertension And Risk Through Technology​

Denise A. Dillard

Denise A. Dillard, PhD (Inupiaq Eskimo), is the Research Director of Southcentral Foundation, a tribally owned and operated healthcare organization in Anchorage, Alaska. She oversees the direction of several research projects in behavioral health, cancer, and other areas of health disparity conducted by a staff of 25. She works with the Board of Directors of Southcentral Foundation, which reviews and consider approvals of research involving Alaska Native people in and around Anchorage. She also serves on the Alaska Area Institutional Review Board of the Indian Health Service. For Native-CHART, Dr. Dillard is a Co-Leader of the Alaska Satellite Center and of “Blood Pressure: Improving Control among Alaska Native People” (BP-ICAN), a multilevel prevention trial for Alaska Native people diagnosed with hypertension.